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Future Workplace Strategy - R&D

Supporting transfer towards a future workplace for national research institute, focusing on employee experience, pride, sustainability and a balanced footprint.
Scope: 45 offices, 3000 FTE.


Hybrid Workplace Strategy - Furniture Industry

Supporting journey towards a Hybrid Workplace in the "new normal".
Scope: 10 offices, 7500 FTE.


New Normal - Healthcare

Support in workplace strategy and office dimensioning for multinational healthcare company.
Scope: 15 000 sqm, 800 FTE.


Layout Review - Industrial

2nd opinion on office layout for regional HQ and R&D facility.
Scope: 2500 sqm, 200 FTE.


Global Future Workplace Strategy - Automotive

Development and roll-out of Future Workplace concept.
Scope: 36 Activity Based Projects, 20 000 FTE.

Projects: Klienter
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