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Be-Metrics provide real-time graphical representations of visitor volumes, movements and occupancy data. Among other features, data support prediction of office dimensioning (sqm, capacity, space types) and way of working at site/remote. Contact for more information and demo.

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Leesman measures and analyses employee workplace experience, calculating an index score (0-100 rating, Lmi) – which can be used to benchmark performance against thousands of organisations across the world.

JonWest has extensive experience from using Leesman Index in 25+ projects covering 50 000+ users globally. Contact for more information on how this powerful tool can be used in your workplace journey.


Based on research - Heppicopter´s web training help organizations to become more productive and to improve health and increase well-being. With knowledge of how the brain works, everyone can use the full potential of their brains. In the office, remote and outside work. The education is based on Tomas Dalström's nominated and critically acclaimed book "Your brain from 2008 is more efficient than the one you have today".


The Full Service Property House in Northern Europe – offers real estate owners, investors and tenants a full range of services within Advisory and Property Asset Management. Newsec was founded in 1994 and is today a partner-owned company with some 2 000 co-workers spread across the seven Nordic and Baltic markets.


Strategisk Akustik´s mission: It is possible to create a high degree of peace of mind in open plan offices. And it's not difficult. Therefore, we want as many people as possible to work in comfortable and appropriate sound environments. Because we know it makes people both feel and perform better.


Spacent provides the broadest network of remote working locations in the Nordics. Spacent's platform combines your own office resources and on-demand workspaces for a seamless workplace solution - supporting productivity and freedom of choice.

Partners: Klienter
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